Monday, July 31, 2006

More Blogging Tips - getting started

Imo said the other day that she was 'terrified' she didn't know what to do on the blog. So I thought I'd type some basic instructions.

Once you have accepted your invitation to join the blog your name should appear in the 'contributors' column (to the right of the screen).

Logging in
- If you want to log into your account, go to You can also get to the log in page by clicking on the orange 'B' blogger logo at the top left hand of the screen, or by clicking on the white 'I-power blogger' at the bottom of the sidebar (right hand side of the screen).
- Type your username and password into the boxes at the top right hand side of the screen.
- Y ou should now be logged in to blogger. You should be able to see 'Dear Pa', followed by a green cross
+ and then a blue gear cog * (Sorry, I couldn't find a good picture of a gear cog)

Making a post
- This is what you do if you want to write something and put it on the blog. (This is a post)
- To make a post, click on the
+ (it also says 'new post')
- Then you can type your 'post' (what you want to say) in the main box. There is also a smaller box labelled 'title' in which you can type the main subject of your post. (The title of this post is "More Blogging Tips - getting started")
- Once you have finished your message you can keep it unpublished as a draft (by clicking on the blue 'Save as Draft' to the bottom left of the screen). But you can also click 'Publish Post' which will put the post on the blog.

Other things
There are many other things you can do on the blog like editing, or adding a picture (as discussed in my previous 'blogging tips' post). But I will not discuss them here.

Hopefully this helps you to get started.

Happy posting!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Seminars and birthdays

Dear Pa

Pa I would like to read the list of topics covered at the witness seminar. As he wished, Ned is having a 'quiet night in' for his birthday tonight.




Monday, July 24, 2006

July Birthdays

Dear Pa,

I'm looking forward to next Sunday. As you no doubt already know, we're having a 'Birthdays in July' get together at our house. So far everyone is coming except for Anne, Denis, and Chris. I'm not sure about Mel either, because she's away on teaching rounds at the moment. But Nick is coming, and may be bringing a 'friend' (of the female variety). I don't know if he wants me to post such news on a blog, but, oh well, what's family for if not publicly humiliating you?

It will be interesting to see how we figure out navigating Nana around in her new chair - a bit of an adventure I'm sure. Remind me to show you the new Catalogue of by 'Book Club' - I'm thinking of buying two books of Fairy Stories.

Well, I'm at uni at the moment, and should be studying - so I'd better log off.

See you on Sunday.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some Blogging Tips.

Dear Pa,

I'm really glad to see that everything's gone smoothly (I hope it was smooth).

I just thought I'd put a few 'blogging tips' up, but I'm sure you've probably figured most of them out already.

1. See 'comments' below this post? If you click on it you can type a message reply to someone else's post. There is a number indicating how many comments have been made on each post.

2. If you want to put a picture on a post, there is an 'add image' button on the 'create post' screen. Another wondow will pop up. Press the 'browse' button and find the file of the picture you want to use and click ok. Then click on 'upload image'. You'll have to wait a few minutes for it to upload. Then press 'done' and the image should appear. I have added a picture of the 'orion nebula' which I am using as my desktop wall paper at the moment.

3. You can also play around with font sizes and colours.

4. If you want to link a website to your post, select the text you want to link to the site. Then click the 'link' button (it's the green blobby looking one). Then copy or type the web address of the site you want to link to into the text box that pops up and press ok. For example, I've put a link to my Humour Archive. This is a blog I have created to try and get started on my thesis.

I hope this helps. (Ruth, maybe you can upload your picture now?)


PS. If you want to know how to put links in the side bar 'links' section, email me and I'll put more detailed instructions. There is also Blogger Help which you can browse as well.

dear pa blogg

Dear Hooch

Have successfully accepted invitation to join blogg dear pa and have established an account.
Many thanks for setting this up and thinking of me.

Love Pa

Saturday, July 15, 2006

photo time!!

ok, if im not supposed 2 put this pic here then tell me, but otherwise, here we all are:

In the begining

Dear Pa,

I have created this blog as a form of communication between your grandchildren, children and yourself. I recently read your PC club article, and I noticed that you're always quite keen to keep up to date with technology. No doubt you've heard mum talk about 'blogs'. Blogs are very popular at the moment. They are a good way to use all the computer/internet skills you've learned over the years.

Blogs are like and online journal, but this one will hopefull take a form more like letters to you from us, and from you to us. We can update you on what we are up to in our lives: boy/girlfriends, school, life. And you can let us know what's going on with you and Nana.

Some of the younger grandchildren do not have email addresses yet. But hopefully there's enough enthusiasm for people (other than me) to start 'making posts'.

You don't have to use your real name on here - you can see, I'm using my nickname 'Hooch' (even though it may as well be my real name!).

Well, I'll send you an email telling you all about it and you can come and have a look at the site.