Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Pa,

I am going well, and somehow surviving the heat up here (having a swimming pool in the back yard helps). My housemate has asked me to be bridesmaid for her in December; there will be two weddings - one in Melbourne, and another in Mexico (the groom's country)!
Here I am with two of my friends. It was too hot to just dip our feet in, so we recklessly threw ourselves into the pool, clothes and all!

I took this with the camera Imogen, Ned and Ben gave me for Christmas. It goes underwater and everything! Coooooool.... :)
Please say hello to Nana and any other family members you might see. I haven't spoken to anyone in a week or so - things get so busy up here! I hope to talk to you soon.

P.S. I'm typing this all from my very own laptop! Hooray!
P.P.S I've been giving my new bathers (which I bought with my Nana&Pa Xmas money) heaps at the local pool. Me and my housemates go swimming several days a week before work.


At 3:58 pm, Blogger pa said...

Dear Hooch,
It has been hot in Melb. too. 41C last tuesday a real stinker.Today hot and windy. Ruth Braden returns home on Friday evening. She will have a lot of experiences to talk about. John is coming home for a brief visit beginning February. Its the Chinese New year break. Your Mum visited yesterday and took Nana for a walk! in her wheel chair and then treated us to a nice afternoon tea in the apartment. In the morning Wendy drove me to Office Works to get new speakers and a flash memory stick for my computer. This morning we had out toenails cut by the Podiatrist. We are being well cared for.
Love from Nana and myself.



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