Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bonjour everyone!!

hi everyone!
im in france speaking lots of french, using french money, going to french school (but its holidays at the moment) and eating french food. its really great!
i went to school 5 days last week which was interesting. because lunch is their main meal of the day we eat it at school, and its a proper 3 course meal too. the people there are really nice and some of the classes i understand and can participate in, like maths and english class!
so far apart from school ive done many interesting things. ive visited a medival village which has been restored and another town called bandol which had a big port for boats and is very popular for tourists during the summer months.
this weekend gone, we went to another city called Marseille which is the second biggest in france after paris. we did some shopping and walked around the streets, all the buildings are very old and spectacular, some were built in the 1500s!
we also went to an exhibition for the works of van gogh, monticelli and there was some work by delacroix as well. i really enjoyed it and it was weird actually seeing these paintings after having heard so much about them in australia.
we also visited a church called 'notre dame de la garde' which sat on top of a hill and was so beautiful inside. i took lots of photos so ill show you when i get home.
i hope everyone in melbourne is well and looking forward to christmas, so merry christmas and happy new year to everyone!!
i think the family may take me to italy after new year so im looking forward to that!
say hi to nana for me pa and have a great time on thursday, have you seen phoebes new cat?
love to all,


At 4:03 pm, Blogger pa said...

Hi Ruth,
A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and to your French family. You are obviously having a great time and a very rewarding experience. John has arived from Hong Kong and is staying in your room at Tweedside. Nana and I will be having Christmas lunch at your place and spending Boxing Day at Wendy's. Love from Nana and Pa XXX OOO


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