Saturday, May 09, 2009

A trip to Maningrida Community

Hi Pa,

As I was telling you on the phone today - I recently went to Maningrida for work.  Here is a map so you can see Maningrida in relation to Katherine and Darwin.  The blue line is the roads you would take to drive there, but I flew.  It was roughly an hour's flight.  Back in 2007 I saw a band called Wild Water play in Katherine.  Wild Water are from Maningrida Community.

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The weekend prior to the Maningrida trip, I got some boot scooting done at the Katherine Country Music Muster for my birthday. Here's me and there's Harmony James in the back ground, crooning away as only Harmony can. I had a wonderful night and even learned some line-dancing moves. I also got a guitar the next day for my birthday, so maybe I'll be crooning soon? Who knows?

Well Pa, that's all from me for now. Speak to you soon.

xx Hooch.


At 4:29 pm, Blogger pa said...

Dear Hooch,

Thanks for the maps. It gives me a much better idea of where you have been and the distances covered. Nana and I enjoyed our visit to Robin’s home for Mother’s Day and it was good to speak to you on the phone. John also rang from Hong Kong. So we got to speak to quite a few of the family. We hope that everything continues to go well with you and look forward to hearing you on the guitar some time.

Love from Nana and me.



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