Saturday, May 09, 2009

A trip to Maningrida Community

Hi Pa,

As I was telling you on the phone today - I recently went to Maningrida for work.  Here is a map so you can see Maningrida in relation to Katherine and Darwin.  The blue line is the roads you would take to drive there, but I flew.  It was roughly an hour's flight.  Back in 2007 I saw a band called Wild Water play in Katherine.  Wild Water are from Maningrida Community.

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The weekend prior to the Maningrida trip, I got some boot scooting done at the Katherine Country Music Muster for my birthday. Here's me and there's Harmony James in the back ground, crooning away as only Harmony can. I had a wonderful night and even learned some line-dancing moves. I also got a guitar the next day for my birthday, so maybe I'll be crooning soon? Who knows?

Well Pa, that's all from me for now. Speak to you soon.

xx Hooch.