Thursday, July 03, 2008

17 geese, beat that!!

a grand hello to pa, nana and the rest of the gang,
last thursday night was the PEGS formal, with a fair few of my friends coming to our place before heading off for the big night. it was held at the Penninsula Docklands, one of the big sheds in the middle of docklands which has been converted to a huge formal type venue. it was very nice, we ate and there was a dancing competition with prizes going to the best dancers of the jive, samba, cha-cha, miringue, and tango and guess who won that?? thats right: the two geese from my last post!! here they are once again!! we got a trophy as well for all our hard work!!

it was nice to see you and nana last weekend
for our chinese dinner at your apartment,
hope to do it again soon.

love ruthi