Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hi Pa!

How are you two going?

really enjoyed Ruth's post below. It's great to find out what people are up to. It feels like I haven't spoken to you or the family in ages. I'm getting internet at home soon, so there'll be no excuse for not posting regularly on the blog in any case.

Last Tuesday I went out bush with another linguist. It was great being able to discuss ideas together and to show him what it's like working out in communities.

I hope you weren't too shocked about my 'hangover post' on the other blog. I just felt like writing a post about it - it made an impression on me. Suffice to say I won't be doing anything like that again soon (or ever!).

Anyway, I'm about to head to the shops to stock up on food - my housemates and a few friends are going on an overnight hike tomorrow, so we're going to raid 'Woolies' before we go.

Please pass on my love to Nana.

xx Hooch.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

hi hi

who are these two two geese?
helen asked me to put some photos of my deb onto the blog, though as pa and helen have already seen them, i decided to go with this one, which neither of you have seen, and which i think is quite funny.
were all just relaxing back home after having a lovely time at aireys and portarlington last week.
on friday im off to queensland for the school netball team. we play 2 games, do some surfing lessons, bowling, shopping and wet and wild theme park, so i think its more of a bonding camp than a skills camp.
dad, mum, hugh, paddy, bevan, and me are all off to see Frank Woodley's comedy festival show on thursday night as well, so hopefully that will be a bit of a laugh for all.
hope to see you all soon,