Wednesday, August 15, 2007

hello from the braden bunch

Hi pa & all the rest of the family,
Hope everyone is well, were all pretty good in this house at the moment. Paddy's pretty excited because his footy team made it into their grandfinal on sunday. GO ABERS!!
Unfortunately my netball team lost our grandfinal last week by 1 goal after a fairly even game. Oh well, someone has to lose dont they?
Phoebe went on a cubs camp last weekend and had a nice time. She earned her leadership badge from the camp so shes fairly pleased about that.
Hugh is gearing up for grade 5 piano and saxophone exams but unfortunately his school rock-eisteadford team did not make the finals of the competition.
We cant wait for Hooch's grand return, very excited!
See you soon Pa,
The Braden Bunch. (aka. Ruth because she's the only one who remembers how to use the blogger.)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Post

Hi Pa,

Just wanted to let you and the Fam know that there is a new post up on Katherine's Diary (it's been a while).

See y'all in Oct.

xx Hooch.