Friday, June 22, 2007

We're Off

Well Dad and Mum, John and I are heading off for our adventure in the far north tomorrow. I was really dismayed to have a really flat battery(own fault) and to be unable to visit you guys on Wednesday evening. On Thursday John and I, Imogen and Ben, and Ned and Tracey had dinner at Ned and Tracey's house as a farewell. This was fun, and we played with Ned's new toy, a steering accessory for an Xbox. We were able to drive racing cars on a racing circuit with steering feeling in the steering wheel as we drove off track, crashed the car, and accelerated to break land-speed records. Very hilarious.

We ate Indian takeaway and Ben had made a chocolate tart for desert!

Shilka is having a weekend holiday with Ned and Tracey and Imogen and Ben are staying here to mind the house and the pets for the 2 weeks we will be away.

I sne you all our love