Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nangala aka Hooch

Dear Hooch,
Nana and I are both well and enjoy reading about your doings, particularly bush courts, new house etc. Last Sunday ( May 27 ) spent a lovely time at Julies for Ruth's 16th birthday. How time flies. Wendy, Alex and Melanie were there too. Previous Friday we enjoyed a concert at Arcadia entitled a Tribute to Frank Sinatra. It was a very good impersonation plus one item impersonating Elvis Presley. Although not altogether my cup of tea I nevertheless enjoyed it.
This coming Sunday Robin intends to drive us to see the new house she and Geoff have bought in East Brunswick. They have not taken possession of it yet so we will only be able to see it from the outside. It is very close to where Imogen is living, and close to Ceres and nice walking and bike tracks along the Merri creek.
How is your own bike riding going and when do you hope to get your new bike?
You will be looking foreward to Helen and John's visit and hopefully you will be avle to join them for some of the time. The campervan should be fun and enable them to see as much as possible in the time available.
Keep well
All our love Nana and Pa


At 2:44 pm, Blogger ilkfin said...


Hooch has gone bush until Wednesday evening so she is incommunicado. She has bought a new Malvern Star burgundy coloured bike and is very pleased. She was well and busy when I spoke with her on Saturday evening.



At 12:51 pm, Anonymous hooch said...

Hi Pa,

Thanks for the blog post. It's great to hear everyone's news. I can't believe Ruth is already 16! I hope the party was fun. Great to hear about R&G's house too. Lookforward to coming down for a visit.

As mum said, I have finally baught a bike, and am going to put a picture of it on Katherine's diary in the near future. I fell off it for the first time today! I'm ok, but will perhaps suffer a little shame, as some people saw me and it is a small town after all.

Well, talk soon,

xx Hooch.


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