Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Xmas Present

Hi Pa,

I just wanted to write to let you and Nana know what I've decided to spend my Christmas money on. I've joined the Australian Linguistic Society! So I headed on down to the post office, paid my subscription and am awaiting my comfirmation in the mail.

It is my first step to becoming a real-live linguist, and I'm very excited.

I hope you are both well, I'm going to come and visit tomorrow (Wednesday), but I'll call you tonight in case you haven't checked the blog.

xxx Hooch.


At 9:12 pm, Blogger pa said...

Dear Hooch
It was great to have you visit today and also Imogen yesterday. I have opened the link to the ALS and will spend some time exploring it with great interest.

Thank you both for your love and care.

Love from Nana and me.


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