Friday, December 29, 2006

Hi and good morning

I'm up and racing after attending my friend's (Ruth AndersonSmith) funeral at Como Mansion yesterday. John and Hooch came too, of course. Imogen and Ned were unable to attend.

The service was held in the garden with her children, ex partner and longest best friend talking about different aspects of her and her life. At the end her son William sang solo. This was a great tribute to her. After, we had a party with beer and wine, tea and coffee etc in the gardens and ballroom. It was a great reunion of colleagues, past students, family and friends.

Then, some of us went back to her house where the party continued and we all met each other and new each other through her. This was very special and it was weird to finally leave her home and know that it will change forever.

The girls have gone to Harmers and will head off to the Pyramid New Year's rock festival on Phillip Island today to avoid the crowds that will be piling onto the island tomorrow.

Love to you and Nana from Helen and John, and Happy New Year to all the Dear Pa bolggers!!!


At 8:08 pm, Blogger pa said...

Dear Helen
A happy and prosperous New year to you, John, Eugenie and Imogen and may all your best hopes come true.

Love from Nana and me



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