Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Our Day At The Races

Dear everyone, heres a photo of Gen & me all ready for our day at the races.
Hooch its nice to know that you have finally finished your thesis thingo, but im a bit disappointed because now those chats on msn may not be so often.
Well on saturday mum, dad, phoebe, hughey, paddy and i all went to Stakes day at flemington. I walked around with friends, Mum & Phoebe hung out with friends from school, Hughey walked around with his girlie friend and paddy & Dad put bets on against eachother. No one won much money, and I lost $5 on some horse my friend told me to put money on, so our day was not as successful in terms of winning as we may have hoped!!
well hopefully we can all catch up soon
love Struth


At 9:12 pm, Blogger pa said...

Dear Ruth
You and Genivieve looked great in your race outfits. You must have had a great day. Bookmakers are the only ones who really make money at the races, but enjoying the day is the main thing and a small loss is just part of the cost of the entertainment.

Love to all


At 12:08 am, Anonymous Hooch said...

Ruth, after letting us all in on the juicy gossip of "Hughey walked around with his girlie friend", you neglected to mention that "I walked around with friends" included a 6'4" young man named Bevan! (*stir stir!*)

At 9:17 pm, Blogger ruthi said...

well my lil hoochy poo, mayb wen i wrote that message that 6ft4 young man named bevan was just my friend. hehe...amazing how things change eh?
ps. how tall are you????

At 1:15 pm, Anonymous Hooch said...

I am about 5'3" (or a little bit under)


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