Friday, November 17, 2006

I worked it out!!!

Hi Pa and Everyone,
Ruthie showed me how to do this so thats cool hey. Long time no see for all of you! (well except Ruth and Julie coz I saw them last night!) Here is a quick update on me...I have finished uni and now only have one year to go before I can get a real job! So thats nice. So Now I am just working as hard as possible so I don't have to work so much next year. Just swim teaching/Duty Managing and reception.
I saw Ruth play netball last night as I might be coaching the under 17's B grade team for windy hill. I am a bit excited about that. They won and it was exciting, very good team to watch (and maybe coach!)
So thats about it really, I am doing teaching rounds next year at Bacchus Marsh Grammar which will be cool as they are doing the rock estedford in both Junior and senior school. Hopefully I'll learn a bit there. And this weekend I am going to Gippsland for Jarrad's Grandpa's 70th. Should be a busy but nice weekend.
ok take care,
luv Melanie


At 5:53 pm, Anonymous hooch said...

Dear Mel,

Awesome to see you finally getting into the blogging swing. So exciting that you'll be finishing up next year. It will be a great year too, I'm sure.

See you soon (maybe at Imo's 21st - I'll get her to put a post up when she's finalised the details).


At 8:46 pm, Blogger pa said...

Dear Melanie
It is great you are now free of study.
Coaching the net ball team sounds fun.
All the best to you and Jarod. Hope to see you soon. Nana sends her love.


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